What is the Cosmos ?

The space around earth which contains all the vibrations which we, human beings, have been emanating through our thoughts, imaginations and feelings is Cosmos.

What are negative vibrations and how they affect us ?

Thoughts of Hatred, Enmity, Jealousy, Anger and Violence, are termed as negative vibrations and these have become predominant in the Cosmos.

Vibrations in the Cosmos have the tendency to influence Human minds and unfortunately, we are prone to attracting more of negative vibrations than positive vibrations.

Whether we believe it or not, the predominant negative vibrations of the Cosmos have become one of the main reasons for Exploitation, Terrorism, Extremism, Heinous Crimes, Barbarism and Killing of innocent people. And although the negative vibrations are not visible to the naked eye, the aftermath is known to all.

The Dire Need to Clean the Cosmos!

To revive the lost Peace, Happiness, Harmony, and Brotherhood amongst human beings, we need to start empowering the Cosmos with immensely positive vibrations. It can be done by emanating vibrations of universal love, peace, forgiveness, compassion and divinity through intense feelings, meditation and prayers.

What we can do !


May all the souls in the Universe be happy and peaceful!

Take a few minutes every day to sit quietly in meditation or prayer and while imagining the expansion of the universe…

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I seek forgiveness from all the souls of the Universe

Seek forgiveness from all the souls of the universe, those you may have hurt either knowingly or unknowingly

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I forgive all the souls of the Universe

As we all know, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong; so, forgive those who might have hurt you at some or the other point in your life…

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I love all the souls of the Universe unconditionally

The gift of love is the greatest of all. While declaring your unconditional love, emanate feelings of Love towards all the …

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